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Whether  you need  a tenant build  out, are developing  a new professional division or building  an entirely new office  space, restaurant  or office park,  there is no project  too large or too small  for Shaw Craft Contracting.  We are available to  build or remodel any commercial  space to bring  your vision to life. At  Shaw Craft Contracting,  we understand  the importance of  maintaining your business  while managing  your build out,  renovation, expansion  or repairs.

We will work  closely with you  and your team to ensure  the construction  process is the  least disruptive possible  to your ongoing operation.  We are quick, efficient and conscious  of your wants, needs and  expectations. Shaw Craft Contracting handles  all aspects of  your project. From  dealing with contractors  and subcontractors,  to pulling permits and  dealing with deliveries,  Shaw Craft Contracting handles  all aspects of the job  to bring your project  to reality,  on time and on budget


Tenant  Fit-outs

Full  Renovations

Scif  Rooms



Demolition/  Clean-up

Office  Remodeling

Restaurant  Build-outs

Retail  Storefront  Build-outs


Maintenance/  Repairs

Property  Management

Other Solutions


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Property Management

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